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Help with identification


The Society is willing to help members of the public identify individual items of pewter if we can. 

This service is free, but it is not available to dealers nor to individuals if the sole purpose of the identification is to facilitate the sale of the item.

Please e-mail

  • a photograph of the item as a whole 
  • close-up images of any marks on it
  • a narrative description of the item with dimensions, etc.
  • information on where it came from 
  • which part of the world you come from, because that may help to identify the likely provenance.

Although we will try, we cannot guarantee to identify marks because sometimes this could take hours of research. In any case, many marks are as yet unrecorded or unidentified.

Our main expertise is in British and Irish pewter, but in some cases we can also help with pewter from continental Europe or North America . We are unlikely to be able to help with pewter from elsewhere in the world.

Our main expertise is also in pewter over 100 years old. We are unlikely to be able to help with pewter that is later than 1910 and there are no books on more-recent pewter. We may be able to help with Art Nouveau pewter, Liberty/Tudric, Kaiserzinn, etc., though you will probably be better talking with an Art Nouveau specialist.

Please note we may use your enquiry without any personal details  in our recent enquiries section on the website 

Please send your query to