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The Pewter Society was founded in 1918 as the Society of Pewter Collectors and is the second oldest society devoted to collecting specialised antiques.


From its small beginnings holding meeting in members’ homes or clubs the Pewter Society has grown into a thriving group of collectors, social historians and researchers. The society has a database of over 19,422 pewterers and their marks.

Join us and benefit from a wealth of knowledege and opportunities to meet and share with other collectors.

The Society is willing to help members of the public identify individual items of pewter if we can.

This service is free, but it is not available to dealers nor to individuals if the sole purpose of the identification is to facilitate the sale of the item. 

View some recent examples of requests for help.

New articles on York Flagons and Communion Tokens in the Ecclesiastical Pewter section in Collecting .


Museum of London

Becket Pilgrim Badge Display

Currently Closed due to Coronavius 

St Thomas Becket is an internationally renowned figure but his connections to London are rather less well-known. For over 300 years, Londoners flocked to Becket's shrine in Canterbury often returning with a pewter badge as a keepsake. 

Hundreds of these pilgrim souvenirs have been recovered from London excavations and mudlarking activity along the Thames. The Museum of London holds the largest collection of pilgrim badges in the country.

The badges will be used to illustrate Thomas Becket’s extraordinary life and his connections to the capital as visitors are encouraged to undertake their own mini-pilgrimage through the museum’s Medieval London Gallery.

The display will deal with Thomas Becket the man and his early life in London, his exile and murder, the impact of his death and rise in miracle cures and finally, Becket’s shrine and the Jubilee of the Martyrdom in 1220.

There are 4 cabinets with different badges in the gallery and various others on display.